The Unmasking of Cinderella

Amella Augustus has lived as her stepmother Iona's personal servant since her father's death. School is something she can only dream of. She's homeschooled in order for her to have more time to do Iona's bidding.

At the dingy Laundromat that Amella frequents she meets the mysterious, enigmatic Dayla. What the supermodel-looking woman is doing in such a place Amella can't imagine. A day later she runs into Char - literally. Amella is stunned by the charming, gorgeous guy who feels badly for making her drop her just laundered clothes.

Amella and Char strike up a friendship, spending time together at both the Laundromat and the library, the only places Amella can escape Iona. When he asks her if she'll be attending Jake Charmaine's birthday masque, she knows it's impossible.

Until Dayla steps in. She provides Amella with the dress, hair, and mask needed to attend the ball. The magical night ends with Amella humiliating herself in front of Char. She runs away, determined to hide herself from him.

Just when Amella begins to believe she's found her happily ever after, Iona pounces in and takes Amella away from Char, Dayla, and dreams of happiness. Now Amella must take charge of her own destiny, and make a decision that can either give her the peace she’s longed for . . . or return her to the misery she’s lived in for so long.

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